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Community Support

In December 2022, Precious Bundles received a grant from the Community Fund at the Thunder Bay Community Foundation for their “Refill the Shelves” program. We requested funding from the Thunder Bay Community Foundation because there is a consistent and quickly growing demand for children's clothing among families facing various hardships. As the program gains recognition and trust within the community, the number of families seeking assistance increases. To ensure they can cater to the needs of as many children as possible, the program needs to replenish its inventory with sought-after clothing items continually. We often do not receive enough donations in the key sizes, mostly due to the fact that children wear out their items before they can be donated and passed on. We strive to ensure that we are giving out quality and durable items. Children grow quickly, and their clothing needs change frequently. The program strives to provide clothing that is durable and long-lasting. By offering quality clothing, the program ensures that children have access to items that can withstand everyday wear and tear, providing them with comfort and confidence. We will be using the funds awarded to fulfill these objectives and more. These funds enable our program to regularly update their inventory, respond to the community's specific needs, and ensure that every child in need has access to appropriate and quality items. 

Thunder Bay Community Foundation Grant Night
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