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To ensure contactless deliveries, by requesting a bundle via our online form or phone, you are accepting the following waiver:

In the following waiver, the term “items” means any product(s) donated to the undersigned client by Precious Bundles. I understand that the item(s) received from Precious Bundles are not in new condition. I understand that I am responsible for checking said items for safety-related issues, including, but not limited to, broken/missing pieces, excessive wear and tear, and properly fastened safety harnesses. I will use the item(s) as directed by the manufacturer’s directions, and/or by safety stickers placed on the item by the manufacturer. Should said directions/stickers not be included, I will use my best judgment to use the item(s) only as originally intended by the manufacturer. I will not hold Precious Bundles responsible in whole or in part for any injury, damage, expense, or loss of life caused to any person, place or thing, either directly or indirectly by these/this item(s).

Online Learning.

Please click on the image above to access our online order form.

Mobile Phone

Please call +1-807-251-7142 and leave us a message with a full description of what you are looking for in a bundle. Please indicate ages and sizes for each child, including shoe size.

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